4 Ways To Help Your Small Business Employees Avoid The Flu This Year

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As flu season arrives, it's important that you and your employees stay healthy so that your business can continue to operate efficiently. Here are four ways for you to make sure that your employees avoid the flu this year.

Encourage Employees to Remain Home When Sick

About 50-75% of employees head to work even when they are ill. As their boss, you have the responsibility to encourage a work culture where people know it is okay for them to stay home when they are not feeling well. Have plans in place beforehand so that business functions smoothly even if people cannot come into work. That way, you won't have sick employees spreading colds and the flu to you and others, and your sick employees can rest and get better more quickly.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

Even if your employees are generally neat, commercial cleaning can be a great way for you and your employees to avoid getting the flu. Commercial cleaning companies use heavy-duty cleaners that can eliminate most of the germs that can live on the surfaces in the workplace. And because they provide cleaning services exclusively, you never have to worry that cleaning wasn't done. If you leave cleaning to employees, they may not be as vigilant as they could be, as they are focused on their other work responsibilities.

Use Everyday Preventative Measures

Make sure that all your employees remember to practice basic preventative measures while at work. You may even consider posting flyers and other notices about the proper way to wash hands and cover one's mouth after sneezes and coughs.

Remind Employees about the Flu Shot

Many people still don't get the flu shot each year. It is up to you to remind your employees that the flu shot is available and to point out why the shot is a good idea.

If your business healthcare plan covers the cost of the flu shot, make sure that all employees are aware of that fact. Make known the addresses of local places where your employees can have the shot, or think about having a flu vaccination clinic set up at your place of business to make things easier.

Now that you know some of the ways that you can help your employees to avoid the flu, make sure to start using some of the tips in this article. If you do, you will find that you and your employees are less likely to get the flu. Click the link for more info.