6 Gifts For The New Mom

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New moms are often overwhelmed, and many need all the help and support they can get. Instead of buying the new mom in your life something for the baby, give her something for herself. She'll feel special, and it will help her take care of herself.

Her Favorite Treat

Whether her favorite treat is chocolate covered strawberries or key lime pie, having it at her fingertips can help make those sleepless nights more bearable. She'll know that you're thinking about her and the extra calories will help her recover from having a baby.

Something Fluffy

A new mom is often exhausted, and she may not want to be wandering about the house in anything but her pajamas. Give her a fluffy robe for those middle of the night feedings, a comfortable set of soft pajamas to relax in, and a pair of fluffy slippers she can slip her feet into.

Make Her Meals

Having a newborn baby can make it difficult to get any cooking done. If you realize that your new mom friend has the number for every pizza delivery place on speed dial, try making her some freezer meals. These are meals that she can simply pop in the oven to cook, without worrying about prep. You could also make her sandwiches, soups, or anything else you know she'll like so she doesn't have to worry about cooking and has something healthy to eat.

A Personalized Notebook

New moms have a lot to keep track of: how much baby eats, how much baby sleeps, and everything else related to the new baby. Help her out by giving her a personalized notebook. You can have one custom made with a picture of the baby or a few different pictures. For something smaller, try personalizing a notepad.

A Trip to the Spa

Even though it will probably be a few weeks before a new mom is able to leave her baby long enough to enjoy a trip to the spa, give her a gift card for the full spa treatment anyway. It will help her remember that she's not just a mom, and give her something to look forward to.

Maid Service

One of the most important things a new mom needs is the ability to relax. Help ease her mind by hiring a maid service for at least the first week she's home with the new baby. If you can, hire the maid service for the first few weeks to give the new mom a chance to recuperate without stressing about the state of her home. Contact a company like Homestead Maid Services to see if they have special offers for new mothers.

These ideas can help you make any new mom happy while encouraging her to look after herself.