Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Own Coveralls

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If you wear coveralls to work, you probably know just how dirty they can get. Although you might be thinking about cleaning them yourself, it's generally a better idea to hire a commercial uniform cleaning service to handle this job for you. These are a few reasons why you shouldn't wash your own coveralls.

Washing Greasy Clothing Can Be Dangerous

First of all, you should know that washing greasy clothing can be dangerous. This is because if all of the grease doesn't get out of your coveralls before you toss them in your dryer, there could be a fire hazard.

You Could Damage Your Washing Machine

Your coveralls probably get really dirty during your average workday. If this is the case, then all of the grease and dirt from your coveralls could clog up your washing machine. Washing overly large loads—such as a load of coveralls—can also put extra stress on the agitator and other parts inside your washing machine, which can also cause damage.

They Might Not Come Clean

The point of washing your coveralls is to get them clean, but unfortunately, they might not come clean in your washing machine. For one thing, there's a chance that your washing machine isn't really big enough to properly spin your coveralls around to wash them thoroughly. Plus, a regular laundry detergent isn't going to be sufficient for getting out grease and other heavy stains. A good commercial uniform cleaning company has the right types of detergents to get rid of grease and other stains, which will leave your coveralls looking and smelling fresh and clean. Along with helping you feel better when you're working, commercial cleaning can also help your coveralls last longer.

They Could Become Damaged

There's a chance that your coveralls could get damaged in your washing machine. This is because coveralls are generally too big for regular washing machines, so parts of the material can get snagged by the agitator or other parts.

Even though you might be tempted to wash your own coveralls as a way of saving money on cleaning costs, you should reconsider your decision to do so. You could wind up spending more money in the long run by having to repair your washing machine and replace your coveralls, so it's best to find a good uniform cleaning company that will do the job well for you. Services such as Spotless Uniform Ltd coveralls cleaning can make your life easier. Find a professional uniform cleaner near you today.