What Carpet Cleaning Methods Are Used By Professional Carpet Cleaners?

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When stains and odors get ground into your carpet, it can dramatically change how clean your home looks and smells. While some spills can be cleaned up quickly with store-bought carpet cleaners, often it is necessary to hire professional carpet cleaners to get your carpet looking and smelling fresh and clean again. These are some different methods that professional carpet cleaners use to remove stains and odors from residential carpets.

Carpet Shampooing 

Carpet shampooing works by mixing water and a high foaming shampoo and applying it to the carpet with a deep cleaning carpet shampooer. The shampooer forces the shampoo mix into the carpet and scrubs the carpet as it is slowly moved along the floor.

Once the shampooing is done, the carpet will need to dry. After the carpet has dried, the carpet will need to be vacuumed to pick up any dry residue from the foamy shampoo. While this method can clean carpet to some extent, it is not as commonly used as it was in the past because more advanced methods such as steaming and bonnet cleaning are preferred.

Hot Water Extraction (Steaming) 

Carpet steaming is done by applying a cleaning spray on the carpet with the machine and then using the agitation setting and a hot water rinse to remove the dirt and cleanser. Depending on the type of machine you use, the agitation may be done by brushes that force pressure into the carpet or by vacuuming up the water and cleaner with a wand.

When steaming carpet, it is very important to extract as much water from the carpet as possible. This makes drying time faster and prevents mildew from growing on the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning 

The bonnet cleaning method is done by first spraying the carpet thoroughly with a cleaning solution mist. Then a machine made with a large bonnet or buffer works the solution into the carpet using circular motions.The bonnet can be removed and rinsed as needed to ensure that the carpet stays damp while cleaning.

After the bonnet cleaning is finished, it may be necessary to extract the water and cleanser from the carpet with a wand to speed up the drying time. While this method works well at cleaning the top layers of the carpet, it does not provide a deep cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is often used on more delicate, expensive carpets to help maintain the carpet pile.

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