Three Ways Mould Can Damage Your Property

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Getting mould out of your house as soon as it gets in is a crucial part of maintaining your home's value. The presence of mould or even a once-serious mould problem can put off many potential buyers and even make a house unsellable. But that's not all it can do; mould has a variety of ways of damaging your house, such as these three:

1. Staining

Even after you've removed all the mould and disinfected the entire area, you will often find that each spot of mould has left a darkish stain as a souvenir. This may mean you will have to repaint the entire wall or room, depending on the size and location of stains and on whether you're trying to sell the house. It's a good idea to use paint with mould retardant for this purpose to reduce the likelihood of a relapse.

2. Structural damage

Mould and mildew, especially severe cases, are often found in conjunction with extensive water damage from floods, storms, or firefighting. In any of these situations you're probably already dealing with a lot of expensive structural repair and may not be able to afford any more. Unfortunately, the mould can also structurally damage your house. It does this by breaking down any material that it lives on, basically digesting it for nutrients. The damage from a couple of small spots of mould will be slight, but severe and invasive mould cases will compromise important structural components of your house that will then need to be replaced. 

3. Spreading

Mould is not content to wreak havoc in the spots it's already claimed. Nor does it simply spread in all directions like a spreading plant. It does spread that way, but it also releases thousands of tiny spores to fly out and conquer new parts of your house. These spores not only get into your respiratory tract and cause breathing problems, but they also find the best secluded, humid spots to set up camp. They don't only land on walls; they may also invade your dishwasher, your bath towel, your closet, and many other things you don't want ruined.

As you can see, mould has a variety of ways to cause harm and spread mayhem. To protect your walls, clothing, and other possessions, it's imperative that you remove any mould as soon as it develops. This may involve hiring a mould remediation contractor or, if you catch it soon enough, dispatching it yourself and disinfecting the entire area to discourage regrowth. Look for mould inspections from Clean Air Services Inc or another local service if you suspect you have a problem in your home.