The Dos And Don'Ts Of Cleaning A Wool Carpet

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Wool carpet is increasing in popularity among homeowners who favor natural materials. While wool carpeting certainly is environmentally friendly and can look astounding in your home, it does require you to be careful while cleaning and maintaining it. Follow these dos and don'ts for maintaining your wool carpet to ensure your care does not do more harm than good.

Do: Vacuum with the brushes set as high as possible.

You don't want your vacuum's brushes working their way through your wool carpet fibers. While this helps extract deeper dirt from a synthetic carpet, all it will do for a wool carpet is make it look fluffy and unkempt. Set the vacuum brush as high as possible when vacuuming your wool carpet – or better yet , use the plain floor attachment if your vacuum has one.

Don't: Wait too long between vacuuming sessions.

Dirt naturally stays on the surface of wool carpeting, making it easy to vacuum up. That is, until you walk across the carpet repeatedly, driving the dirt down into the carpet. Vacuum every couple of days to ensure you suck up dirt and debris as it makes its way onto the carpet – and before it has a chance to get ground in.

Do: Hire a professional to steam clean your carpet.

Wool carpet should be steam cleaned every year or so to keep dirt buildup at bay. But those home carpet shampooing units that work so well on synthetic carpet are not a good idea for wool. They tend to leave too much water behind, causing the wool to dry too slowly. When wool dries too slowly and unevenly, it shrinks. So, leave the carpet shampooing to a professional who is experienced in treating wool carpets. They have equipment to extract as much water as possible, and they know what shampoos to use to prevent damage, too.

Don't: Use a standard carpet stain remover.

Standard carpet stain removing products are not designed for use on wool! They might bleach, shrink, or stain your carpet. Make sure you buy a stain remover that's specifically made for use on wool carpets. Or, you can make your own by mixing a small amount of wool-safe laundry detergent and water in a spray bottle. When you clean up a stain, make sure you blot the area rather than rubbing it; rubbing will cause the fibers to fluff up.

Adhere to the tips above, and your wool carpet will stay looking bright and fresh for years to come. To find out more, speak with a business like Billy Clean Services Ltd.